Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tanya's Documentary Aired in the U.K. ~ "WOW, What a great response!"

Last Night Tanya's documentary aired on BodyShock, and only minutes after it finished the emails started pouring in.  I was astounded as I read email after email filled with words like, "my eyes are now opened", caring sentiment and offers of friendship as well as many offers to supply Tanya with the XL keyed keyboard we'd asked for. This morning there are more emails coming in and quite honestly I am still amazed at the warm hearts people (everywhere, but currently) in the U.K. All emails were answered and were forwarded to Tanya and Mom Karen.  U.K. ...YOU ROCK!

Keyboard, Mouse & Pad Trio Update:
I want to thank EVERYONE who offered to get the Keyboard, Mouse & Pad Trio for Tanya. That request has been filled by a wonderful woman in the U.K who wishes to remain anonymous.

A Special Thank You To Robert Knutzen and Debi Thompson of Pituitary Network Association for adding a sweet paragraph to link Tanya's website to theirs. Thank You!

Today is Special!
Some of you know that I flew in to Las Vegas on May 31, 2010 and today I'm going to visit Tanya & Karen (it's been nearly 5 years). To say I'm excited is an understatement! Lord willing, I'll be taking lots of pix and learning more about any other needs that Tanya might have and I'll be posting those here and on the website. 

Additionally... for all of you amazingly creative Artisans who've offered to make a piece of jewelry for Tanya, I'm hoping to get some neck and wrist measurements today. I'll be posting those here and on the site as well.

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