Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Very sadly for us remaining, my Mother (Tina's Mother) went home to be with our Lord on June 13, 2011. Although are devastated, we thank you all for your prayers.


Tanya has come home from her 23 day hospital stay! Your Prayers are always greatly appreciated.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Distress on All Fronts...

Dear Friends...

Some of you know that one month ago I came to Las Vegas to attend the Acromegaly Convention as well as accompany my Mom to a simple follow-up Cardiologist appointment. My Father and I took Mom to the ER a day before her appointment. Very long story short...My loving mother is currently in a Hospice for Stage 4 Lung Cancer spread to her bones. This has been a most horrid and painful month for us all. Thank you for your prayers.



From Karen Strutynski To Me:

"Tanya at approximately 8:15 PM received a call from the girls house that Tanya was having a problem. I ran over to check her out and I found that her breathing was labored she was not understanding while she just said that she does not feel well and she thought she was going to die. While waiting for the fire department an ambulance to arrive I started doing some basic neurological check her speech was slurred and then she wasn't making any sense and then within a few minutes after the fire department arriving the fire Capt. who has run on her a few times notice that this was definitely different than in the past I advised him that at one point she had a blank stare and I thought she was having a mini stroke or what we call a TIA transient ischemic attack, or maybe it was a seizure so AMR arrived and we transported her to the hospital that the clots were going through her brain which was what is causing this TIA or mini stroke.

About four in the morning the emergency room doctor devised that can it was dehydrated had some sort of infection and did have several clots in both legs so they admitted her to ICU she is still in the hospital but she is no longer in ICU and will stay there till it least Monday to we get an updated MRI and EEG of the brain."

Thank You For Your Prayers.