Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tanya's Back Home!

I got an email from Karen (Tanya's Mom) that Princess got to come home from the hospital...this is such great news! Tanya had been hospitalized since early-mid May with Emboli (Blood Clots) in her lungs and leg.

Karen and the family are ecstatic of course, and we hope that Tanya will regain a bit of strength in the next few days. Anyone who's ever been hospitalized know how hard it is to get decent sleep when you're in, due to stuff like,"Hey wake up, it's time for your sleeping pill".

And more good news is that this recent health issue and hospital stay have not impacted Tanya's upcoming June 17, 2010 Brain Surgery. Once that procedure is completed and Tanya's Doctors give the go ahead, the next surgery in line is planned to be another back surgery. This back surgery will help reinforce Tanya's spine, as it's been unable to effectively support her weight.

If you'd like to send a well-wishing greeting or send up a good thought that Tanya can see, please light a virtual candle here at Your candle will stay lit for 48 hours.

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polarchip said...

Hi Tanya!!

I'm so glad to hear that you were able to go back home! I am rooting for you and I hope your upcoming surgery will bring you comfort and a better quality of life.