People from all walks of life have come to help Tanya with words of encouragement and lovely gifts. We want to thank every one of you! The kindness that you've shown is so greatly appreciated by Tanya, Karen and the family.

"I can't thank you enough for your kind donations! Thank you, and God's blessings." 

~ Karen Strutynski

Monetary Donation Gratitude's 

A special thanks go out to the following people who have donated what they could for Tanya, through PayPal:

HTML clipboard 08-10-2010 * "Santi" of Spain

 07-26-2010 * Alecia E. of Texas...Thank you Sweetie and we do love you!

*John M. of Nevada (we're rooting for you too, John!)

*John B. of Wisconsin

*Kendra K. of Ohio

*Donald H. of Nevada

*Nuree S. of New Jersey

<< (ever so beautiful!) of Nevada

*Manny and Hilda V. of Nevada

*Cynthia L. of Florida