Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Rumor Mill says, "A CURE FOUND FOR GIANT WOMAN"...

This is the new rumor (I've seen circulating like wildfire in the past 24 hours) being posted by news media from India, Thailand, Australia, America and Canada.

Ellen sent me an email yesterday asking if it was true. Karen (Tanya's Mom) and I read in wonder..."where do these people come up with these rumors and why don't they verify first?" I suppose the answer is sensationalism?  Oh well, so much for reponsible reporting.

As much as we'd all like to believe the current rumor that a 'cure has been found for Tanya', it's in fact untrue. We don't know who started this rumor, but there has NOT been a cure found for Tanya Angus.

Additionally, the treatment success of lowering Tanya's growth hormone in Dec. 09 (Aired in the TLC documentary, "Help-I'm Turning Into A Giant") was short lived.

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polarchip said...

I'm really disappointed to hear that the news article wasn't true. I was so excited for her!

Don't worry, we'll keep working to find a real cure for everyone!

Alecia E. said...

I'm glad you are addressing this because I saw an article like this on (Health section)which featured an article coming out of the UK yesterday and I wondered also.

Glad you've got this blog going to keep us informed and I wish Tanya the best as she goes through her upcoming surgeries!

Tina for Tanya said...

Thanks're both a source of encouragement for me.