Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Update on Tanya

April 4, 2012
Tanya is home from the hospital, but is now taking oxygen treatments.
Thank you for your continued thought and prayer~

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Sammy said...

My name is Joanne Tanya, Ive been praying for you since I learned of your story aired on oprays new channel, as I watched I cried, as your story was so dear to my own, only my situation is the opposite and I have had the challenge of trying to get diagnosised with cushings, and had a ctscan that said my pit gland was the size of a lemon..that after I seen an endocrinoligist, that did not even look..and then, despite numerous neurolgical symptoms, they tried to tell me that, my pit gland is normal..but I show even visual signs of psios, droopping of my eyelid and a left strabimus, I am on a great support group..for cushings, look it up on facebook..I look forward to getting to know you but you remain always in my prayers..stay as well as you can..know so many care about you and pray for you..