Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UPDATE for ABC NEWS May 24, 2011

This follow up article contains interview and information about Acromegaly Community and it's Founder, Wayne Brown.


Gurvan said...

Hello, my name is Gurvan, i'm a french guy, i'm 25 years old and i have see Tanya on TV in an french report. Excuse me for my bad english in this message.

I felt so sad to see Tanya with this disease, she is a so good and so nice person. In addition, she has a great sence of humor, when she receives her rings she said "YES" ! It make me smile because humor is very important to feel good everyday.

I would like to say that : during the report i cry for her because it is so unjust, she's a so beautiful person and life is sometimes so unjust, but since the report, i think of her everyday. In my journey i have a little moment for her in my thoughts. I was extremely touched by her testimony and her personality.

I have a question : In the report, the treatment lowered the rate of 1000 to 600, is she feels better today ? I hope that yes.

If you can transmit the following message to Tanya : In France, some people think of here and we hope that she continue her fight against this disease. She is so great and so beautiful. We love her for her personality and her courage. We send her a big kiss, just for her and for me, i continue to think of her everyday for the rest of my life, because there is only one Tanya who touch me : HER !

Thank you, and again, excuse me for my bad english.


TDVMAAT said...

Hello Gurvan,

What a fantastic and caring post you've made here!

You can read about Tanya's current condition on her website Her Growth Hormone numbers have gone back up, sorry to say.

Best wishes to you!