Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Very sadly for us remaining, my Mother (Tina's Mother) went home to be with our Lord on June 13, 2011. Although are devastated, we thank you all for your prayers.


Tanya has come home from her 23 day hospital stay! Your Prayers are always greatly appreciated.


Angie said...

I stop by here (obviously not enough) to light a candle and say a little prayer for Tanya and then I read what has happened.

My heart breaks for you all. You have had such a trial and I just cannot put into words how sad I am for you.

Tanya, I am sending you a big hug from Niagara Falls. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that this recent medical crisis is over for you for now.

Take care (all of you) and let it be in your hearts that you have people thinking about you from all over the world.

Angie Barr

TDVMAAT said...

Thank you for your kind words about the loss of my Mother.


polarchip said...


I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. I've been off the blogs for a while and I'm just now finding out about this!

I hope you are doing OK and I have been thinking about you! I enjoyed meeting you so much in Las Vegas, and your energy is even more incredible in person than over the phone or over the internet (which is saying a lot!).

Your mother must have been an amazing person to have made you so amazing!

Lots of love,

TDVMAAT said...

(((Ellen))) thank you on all counts. You are loved!