Monday, October 18, 2010

A Wonderful, 'Feel-Good' Update

Here's the NEWS13 Story Link


Manny said...

What a great,upbeat update. It is so wonderful to see the smile on Tanya and her happiness just to be able to dip her feet in ocean water. My wife and I will continue to pray for Tanya's well being. May God Almighty guide the doctors who are treating her to find a cure for her ailment.
We love you Tanya,
Manny and Hilda

Anonymous said...

My son is under the care of the same doctors in San Francisco that Tanya visited. Although he has the opposite problem that Tanya has (no growth hormone, due to pituitary damage from tumor pressure), I wanted her to know that I believe she is in the best possible hands with these doctors.

My son's pituitary surgery, to remove a 2 cm craniopharyngioma, went remarkably well, with no pain afterwards and complete removal of the tumor. This neurosurgeon has magic hands, and the endocrinologist is an extremely knowledgeable, caring man.
I wish for the best possible outcome for Tanya, and I hope these S.F. doctors are the answer to her prayers. I believe they will find a cure for her.